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About Medipta

About Medipta

Medipta is a medical platform aggregator. Medipta connects Patients, Doctors, Diagnostic labs and Chemists. Nowadays everyone wants everything on their fingertips with no delay in time. Improving Patient & provider interaction and health care convenience are our primary goals.

Medipta is an app to search and store data and information. Users are assured of auto storage of reports with proper privacy and maintaining all the records of medical issues. It not only helps to find doctors but also guides patients to know about medicines prescribed and to have personal health care record .Medipta is cost and time saving application. It is a platform for connecting People in healthcare industry.

Mission of Medipta is to connect people with experts for taking care of them and to live a healthy life.

Features Of Medipta
  • Regional Languages

    Medipta is available in many languages so that people who don't understand Hindi and English can also be able to use this application.

  • Connect easily

    It will connect people with doctors, medical stores, test labs.

  • Easy Searching

    Easy search for doctors and booking appointments with them. Searchable Pathology and Radiology (Diagnostic) Labs with appointment


  • Consultation Fees

    One can view consultation fees of particular doctor before approaching.

  • Online Prescription

    Online prescription will be available to patients from doctors.

  • Free Home Delivery

    Free home delivery of medicines from medical store.

  • Tips & Tutorials

    One can view tips and tutorials any time anywhere given by expert doctors.

  • Appointment Alert

    Reminders can be set relate to next appointment with doctors. Alerts for Medications which are set up already by Consumers.

  • Maintain Record

    One can also keep record of his family members and check it regularly.

  • Government Schemes

    Information about government schemes and insurance policies are available in this app.

  • Expert Advise

    One doctor can communicate with other doctor, take advise or discuss about patients report.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 support is available so that people can connect to Medipta any time.

  • Discounts

    Availing Financial Discounts if attached to Medipta App for Diagnostic ,Hospitals and Medicine also

  • Alert

    Alerts for Medications which are set up already by Consumers.