World Wide Location Of Medipta Centers

Healthcare Providers


Providers can communicate with their patients easily, giving them an opportunity to publish their profile through Medipta where it will be visible to all its users, A doctor can be approached by any concerned patient in an easy way, making it beneficial for both the doctors and the patient.

  • To know the appointment for the day.
  • Easy to collect and study the report of patients.
  • More time to focus on patients.
  • Share and discuss reports of patients with others specialized doctors.
  • Doctors will be able to guide patients by giving answers to their questions.
  • Able to give reference of other doctors to patients.
  • Space for posting health related articles.
  • Electronic medical record of all patients can be maintained.
  • Easy to send prescription to chemist.
  • Revenue generation from chemist by connecting patients.
  • View medical histories and insurance information with future adjectives also like organ donation or eye donation or body donation.
  • Calling, chatting, and sharing photos.
  • Able to follow up the referred patient after surgery on the tips of Consultants