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rahul bojalwar

Mr. Rahul Bojalwar, a 35 year old entrepreneur has a vibrant journey! He started his career as a Sales Person in 2003, and now owns a business in Real Estate. Being an Interior Designer he established Innovation Constructions, Interior Designing Studios, and Innovation Landmarks. He has done more than 600 residential units and shops and has an enormous experience of various fields at this young age.

In 2015 he diversified his arenas by spreading his rich colors in tech field as a result he founded Adclever - an outdoor media management software and worked upon various startups. Now Adclever is acquired by OI media.

Destiny is the bridge that you build to the things you love, Mr Bojalwar found a passion for health care services and hence with the help of technology he founded Medipta in November 2015. Medipta is a first Indian Health care app which enables the user to search all types of care providers of Healthcare on a single platform.

Rahul is managing Medipta, Innovation landmarks as their CEO and he is Chief Business Development Officer at BRISA Technologies. Also, he has his own hospitality projects. Rahul’s mission is to make society a better place to live where every citizen can avail convenient & cost effective healthcare services for healthy and happier life. He is working on different healthcare projects which will generate more than 10000 employment. He intends to create a revolution in public healthcare sector in India.

He believes that patience can bring a fortune in any business field, success is a result of continuous and persistent effort and he has proven this in various ventures. He always says, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn”.

He has participated in marathons, loves to stay fit, his interests include writing poems, swimming, running ,badminton, and learning about new technologies that can shape future.