World Wide Location Of Medipta Centers

Healthcare Providers



  icon To know appointment for the day.


  icon Easy to collect and Study Patients report, having more data helps to make better decision.


  icon Share and discuss patients reports with others specialized doctors.


  icon Doctors will be able to guide patients by giving answers to their questions by direct chat.


  icon Able to give reference of other doctors to patients.


  icon Space for posting health relates articles.


  icon  Electronic medical record of all patients can be maintained, thus elimination of back end data collection.


  icon Easy to send prescription/ drug list to chemist.


  icon Easy reach to remote area patients.


  icon Improve Patient Engagement.




  icon Get appointment for patients from various associate GP’s,Consultants & Hospitals in           uniform format.

  icon Offers different scheme to patients and doctors.

  icon Improve communication in referral management system.

  icon Reports are collected and shared online with Patients, doctors and hospitals.

  icon Referral and clinical notes are received online from associated doctors and hospitals.

 icon Helpful for inter office communication.

  icon Helpful in getting patients from other health-care providers.

  icon Effortless communication with doctors and hospital staff.

  icon Elimination of bulky paper records to store, manage with less errors.

  icon Access to maintain effective clinical data, work flow and strong support system.

  icon Up to date information for discussion making.

  icon Get medical information about patients past and current condition in single unified view.

  icon Increase reach by providing services to patients from remote area.

  icon Improved, safer and convenience healthcare solutions to patients.

 icon Offer various services and promotional activities like surgery packages, speciality camps etc.